Want Good PR? Give Back to Your Community.

We in the PR world are experts at finding and developing creative ways for our clients to make a strong name for themselves as they build their businesses and aim to add customers.

At Elizabeth Christian Public Relations, we’ve seen that those who are invested in the community and publicly support local issues have an advantage. Not only do we believe giving back should be an innate corporate responsibility, but it also builds friendships, makes you a larger part of the community and creates a network of prospective business. We encourage our clients to roll up their sleeves and help their neighbors out.

It’s a value that’s ingrained in our own fearless leader, Elizabeth Christian. She is personally involved in her church, her community, the arts, civic issues and a number of charities in town. Those who don’t know Elizabeth as a PR pro, know her as a servant leader.

And she’s not alone. Many of our ECPR staff members are passionate about the causes they support.

For me, I’m hanging up my video strategist hat for one week, as I serve as a chair for “A Christmas Affair,” presented by The Junior League of Austin. The week-long shopping event at Palmer Events Center will raise more than $750,000, which will be divvied up among 32 area nonprofits that the Junior League supports with funding and volunteers each year. Dozens of nonprofits rely on that funding, so we must put on an impressive show to attract people to our event year after year.

In order to do that, numerous sponsors and community supporters must come together. These big businesses and powerful names don’t appear out of nowhere. We Junior League volunteers have built relationships with these corporate donors and media sponsors, so that they will trust us to be good stewards of their money.

In fact, one of our clients is a very generous headlining sponsor for “A Christmas Affair.” Just yesterday, she told me she loves this event, not only for the element of shopping for a cause, but that it’s a place to be seen and make new relationships. It’s an opportunity for businesses to increase their networks, all while helping the community. It’s a win-win for everyone!

This week as we raise paddles, dream big for our community, do a little holiday shopping—all while physically working behind the scenes to create such a big event (we expect 25,000 people to walk through our doors!)—I’ll be sharing the ECPR brand with my words and actions…and each handshake.

After all, relationship building is PR 101.

-Keri Bellacosa
Video Strategist


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