2015 Social Media Predictions

This has been a busy year in the digital media industry. From new analytics available on Twitter to an explosion in platform use on Instagram, it’s been a year where digital strategy professionals needed to stay on their toes more than ever. And, from what I’ve seen and read, things will speed up even more in 2015.

Below are five predictions for social media in 2015:

 1.  Social ads will be an imperative resource for brands. Facebook advertisers doubled their ad expenditure in 2014, making it that much harder for companies to break through “the noise.” Investing in social advertising will be a key indicator of success next year.

2.  Measurement, measurement, measurement. Brands will start focusing even more on metrics-based decision making in 2015. Remember: if it’s not worth measuring, it’s probably not worth doing. Most social media platforms have native analytics that every brand should utilize.

3.  Less selling, more giving. Overly promotional posts are officially a thing of the past. Facebook, in particular, has been very vocal about wanting to eliminate “Buy Now” and other similarly phrased posts from its users’ feeds. Want to advertise? Buy an ad. Otherwise, share quality content and interesting updates with your communities.

4.  “Oops, I did it again…” Social media blunders and gaffes will increase next year, as more brands enter the digital space and create noise. When in doubt, do the “front yard test.” Would you want this exact post on a sign in your front yard? If not, don’t post it.

5.  Let’s get visual. According to research by Forrester, visual media channels, such as Instagram and YouTube, achieve higher engagement rates than other mediums. Therefore, when planning social strategy next year, make sure to think about how each post will both read AND look.

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