Unlocking the Potential of Local Influencers and Micro-Influencers for Texas businesses

In recent years, local influencers and micro-influencers have become increasingly popular as a key component of social media marketing strategies in Texas. These individuals, who typically have smaller followings than celebrity influencers but higher engagement rates with their local community, have proven to be a valuable resource for brands looking to build their presence locally.

“How do you measure a year in the life?”

I’ve missed many things this year, from hugging my mom to seeing friends at events. I’ve also missed live music and shows. One of my long-time favorite musicals is “Rent,” where they ask: “How do you measure a year in the life?” That’s a hard thing to do in a typical year; it’s almost impossible […]

Thankful for the other kind of gratitude

By Kristin Marcum​ In the last few weeks of our 25th anniversary as a company, amid a year that certainly is not what we had envisioned, I am perhaps even more grateful than if 2020 had gone as planned. Yes, attending events and seeing you all in person at various meetings and luncheons would have […]

Advice to our younger selves

Truthfully, we should be celebrating girls all day, every day. From leading movements for climate change to closing gender gaps in STEM and forming coalitions with fellow girl activists around the globe, the new generation of adolescent girls is done playing around. Although we don’t have daily national holidays celebrating the strong girls in our […]

Modifying our work for the pandemic and beyond

I’ve always told anyone who’s asked that one of the most interesting parts of my job is that no two days are the same. Working in public relations is like having a bunch of different jobs all combined into one. We get to be writers, journalists, event planners and more all under the umbrella of […]

Why a monthly report matters

One very important part of our job is keeping our clients in the loop about what is being done to spread their name, projects and values throughout the community. At ECPR, one of the most valuable tools we provide is a monthly report. Providing a monthly report shows our client how we enhance their media […]

All of us at ECPR have been distraught about the death of George Floyd and are relieved that the Minnesota Attorney General has filed murder charges against the four police officers responsible. We mourn the death of Mr. Floyd with the black community and grieve for all the people of color whose lives have been […]

Keeping it lively with our virtual event production

Events accomplish various objectives in unique ways. They remind stakeholders of your mission so they will dig deep and donate. They gather media and leaders together for a simultaneous announcement with a sense of grandeur. They give your VIPs access to one another and to you in a way that makes them know they are […]

Before you bring your team back, make sure your communication is optimal

As teams across Central Texas start the carefully planned transition back into their work spaces, there is a lot on the line for operations, productivity, workplace safety and potential setbacks that could come with miscommunications. It is critical to your business interests and your team’s wellbeing that they know what is expected. Think about a […]

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