Celebrating the fastest 25 years imaginable

Senior Vice President David Wyatt, Vice President Kat Griffith, Chief Financial Officer Kathleen Smith, Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Christian, President Kristin Marcum, Executive Vice President Levente McCrary, Vice President Lia Truitt, Senior Vice President Erin Ochoa

In some ways, 1995 seems like a million years ago, in other ways, it’s yesterday. I’m just as surprised as anyone that we’re celebrating our 25th year in business this year. All companies marking such an important milestone know that they must evolve to continue to thrive. This public relations agency has taken that idea to heart in a bold, new way. I’m very excited to share a project I’ve been developing over the past year—something I call the ECPR Leadership Cabinet. 

As any CEO knows, having a trusted group of mature and capable experts is key to a strong operation. The top executive may have the vision and the ultimate responsibility for the firm, but the team supporting the leader is a critical element that can’t be overlooked. That’s why I’ve been building what I believe is the strongest communications leadership team in the state. 

The marketplace is ever changing, and our approach and team need to change right along with it. Thoughtfully, methodically and diligently, ECPR has cultivated these professionals to embody the classic best practices of business and the public relations discipline, as well developing their expertise in the tools needed for the cutting-edge knowledge of a 21st Century agency.

The time is right to formalize a carefully chosen group of senior leaders into the ECPR Leadership Cabinet. These seasoned professionals have been working here for several years and will represent our clients, the firm and the public relations industry far into the future. They include:

Working under the leadership of Kristin Marcum and me, this panel of leaders will help us attract and retain the very best talent, ensure our longevity, support quality journalism and, most importantly, advocate for our clients’ best interests.

As our client roster has grown, ECPR has expanded as well. What began as a solo operation became three people and now stands at more than 20 public relations professionals. We’re managing accounts that take us across Texas and the nation, as we interact with U.S. presidents, federal agencies, elected officials, business and civic leaders, dignitaries and all manner of media. That takes a lot more than young PR people and smartphones, I can assure you. That takes experience.

I am not going anywhere any time soon. This announcement and our 25th year is about building our capacity to serve the winning brands across Texas and the nation. I’m not ready to leave ECPR’s future in the hands of others—no matter how capable and talented they are. We’re all looking forward to making 2020 a memorable year.

Elizabeth Christian is the chief executive officer at ECPR

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