Connecting with video while social distancing

The best way to reach a wide section of our community while social distancing is via video. A recent study by HubSpot shows that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. These numbers will likely only increase in these challenging, isolating times.

Many of our companies have important messages and information that customers and clients need to succeed. A timely message outlining the current status of your business from a familiar face—such as your company’s leader—could help build confidence among your employees and your customers. Companies with employees who can provide “expert” information via video will also provide an invaluable service for a broad virtual audience.

ECPR can help you create and distribute these short, informative clips to an audience looking to you for guidance and strength. We can work with you to draft a script, instruct you and your employees how to shoot the video on your smart phone and then edit it for distribution on your social channels or for posting on your website.

Also, while large gatherings are largely suspended, we understand that your customers and employees could still benefit from a live, multi-speaker event or panel via a virtual conference. In case of a crisis, a live broadcast from your virtual office could help put both customers and employees at ease.

ECPR has the technology to organize and facilitate all types of virtual, interactive videos to address your company’s needs. Please email me at for more information on these invaluable services:

  • “State of the union” videos—live broadcast—or you shoot and we edit.
  • Instructionals from your subject-matter experts at their desks—they shoot and we edit.
  • Online events aka webcasts for clients or customers while social distancing.
  • Hybrid media events or presentations with shipments of materials, non-perishable foods and a webinar format for participants log on to for announcements and other topics.​

Tina Shively is the director of video at ECPR.

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