From press to posts: Best practices for sharing earned media on social media

If you’ve recently earned some great media coverage for your business or brand, congratulations! You’ve just achieved something that many companies strive for but don’t always attain. But don’t stop there. To make the most of your earned media, you need to share it on social media. Here are some tips on the best ways to do that. 

Choose the right platform(s)

Before you start sharing your earned media, think about which social media platforms are most appropriate for your business or brand. For example, if you’re a B2B company, you might want to focus on LinkedIn. If you’re in the fashion or beauty industry, Instagram could be your best bet. And if your target audience is primarily young people, you might want to consider TikTok.

Create visually appealing posts

Once you’ve chosen the platform(s) you want to use, it’s time to create visually appealing posts. Make sure to include images or videos that showcase the media coverage, such as screenshots of the article or a clip from a TV segment. Use bold fonts and colors to make your posts stand out in people’s feeds.

Write compelling captions

Your captions are just as important as your visuals. Use them to highlight the key points of the media coverage and explain why it’s important. Be sure to include relevant hashtags or mentions of the media outlet or journalist who wrote the piece. And don’t forget to include a call-to-action to encourage people to engage with your post.

Share multiple times

Don’t be afraid to share your earned media coverage multiple times on social media. This can help increase visibility and ensure that more people see it. But be sure to space out your posts and use different visuals and captions each time to keep things fresh.

Engage with your audience

When people comment on your posts or share your earned media coverage, take the time to engage with them. Thank them for their support and answer questions they might have. This can help build relationships with your audience and increase brand loyalty.

Measure your results

Finally, track your social media metrics to see how well your earned media coverage is performing. Look at things like engagement rates, reach, and impressions. This can help you understand what’s working and what’s not, and you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Sharing your earned media coverage on social media is a great way to amplify your message and increase visibility for your brand. By following these tips, you can ensure your posts are visually appealing, engaging, and effective. Good luck!

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