Google Joins Congressman Hurd to Educate San Antonio Students on Internet Safety

Google Congressman Hurd San Antonio
Congressman Hurd joined representatives from Google to teach San Antonio youth about internet safety.

Earlier this week, we joined our friends at Google and U.S. Representative Will Hurd in San Antonio for a special event aimed at teaching kids how to stay safe on the internet.

On Tuesday, Google and Congressman Hurd presented the Online Safety Roadshow, an assembly that focuses on important online skills and habits, to students at Lopez Middle School. The presentation focused on tips for staying safe and being smart on the internet, including how to create safe and memorable passwords, tips for identifying phishing scams and how to make decisions about what and how we share online.

“As our world becomes increasingly digitized, it is critical that students understand basic cyber hygiene to protect their information online,” said Congressman Hurd, who chairs the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Information Technology.

As part of the presentation, Congressman Hurd competed against students in a password face-off challenge where students were asked to come up with the strongest possible password.

Google training in San AntonioRepresentatives from KSAT-TV (ABC), KABB-TV (FOX), WOAI-TV (NBC), WOAI-AM radio and the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio attended the event and spoke to Congressman Hurd and representatives from Google about its importance.

“With students having greater access to the Internet through cell phones and other devices, it is important that they learn to use these tools responsibly,” said Catherine Williams, a Google spokesperson. “The Online Safety Roadshow teaches students how to be smart and safe online through a fun and interactive assembly.”

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