How to measure social media and digital marketing impact in 2023


As a public relations professional, your company or clients are probably already on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and LinkedIn.

We have clients from small local businesses to global brands, and without fail, the question we hear from CEOs and key decision-makers the most is “How do I know if my digital marketing is really working?” 

ECPR Texas has a team of experienced public relations and digital public relations experts that have spent years designing and implementing digital campaigns to amplify messages and persuade audiences. These are the top three ways to improve your return on investment when it comes to digital campaigns.

  1. Understand your audience – The key to success with social media is understanding your audience. At ECPR Texas, the first thing we do with clients is audit their digital footprint. This allows us to understand their digital audience, the type of content their audience engages with and on which platforms. 
  2. Be clever with your content – The digital world can be known as the wild wild west. This means that it can take a lot of work to break through the noise and get noticed. Remember, it is about the quality of the content, not the quantity. We understand this really well! Our digital team will work with you to create purposeful content that drives to your end goal.
  3. Test and optimize – Every week, we review and optimize our client’s social media content. We want to understand what their audience loved, what copy did we write and at what time of day we posted. We’ll take that data and implement it into the next round of social posts. On paid media, we’ll try out new ad types and audiences to see the results. 

Try these steps across your entire digital marketing channels. You’d be surprised how much you already know about your audience. 

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