Introducing The Army Marathon

One of the benefits of working for a PR agency is the diverse roster of clients we get to experience. This diversity creates constant opportunity for learning and growth as PR professionals.

At Elizabeth Christian Public Relations, we are lucky to have clients representing a large variety of very different industries, from healthcare to insurance and education, and more. In addition, some clients have long-term contracts whereas others hire us on a project basis to help with a specific event.

This month, we were fortunate to begin work on a project for The Army Marathon. Created in 2013 to raise awareness and funds for the men and women of the United States armed services, The Army Marathon honors the military, law enforcement and firefighters. This year, the third annual marathon, half-marathon and 5K race will take place on March 1 in Bell County, Texas.

As a PR professional, working on a campaign for a specific event is equally exciting and rewarding. With a firm deadline, each day leading up to the event represents an important opportunity to raise awareness. Although the time constraint leaves no time to waste, seeing the immediate results of our work make it all worthwhile.

In the case of The Army Marathon, the results range from an increase in the number of runners who participate, to raising awareness about the importance of honoring our heroes—the men and women of the United States armed services, as well as others who serve. We are so honored to contribute to this cause through our work at ECPR.

To learn more about our new client or to register for the race, visit

-Hannah White
Account Executive, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations

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