Part Three: Looking Back

Opening a business is a matter of trial and error, and embracing past successes and failures is almost always the best way to move forward.

Dream Big, Start Small

Elizabeth Christian Public Relations is Austin’s example of dreaming big and starting small. Opening in 1995 with two employees and one client, the agency has grown into a staff of 20 and now serves several dozen prominent clients.

Over the years, the agency has successfully handled a wide range of projects from legislative and grassroots initiatives to business development and crisis communications. Last year, the agency expanded to included video and digital services. ECPR is now one of the largest public relations firms in Central Texas and has won numerous awards from public relations and community organizations.

Lessons Learned

Every major success, and every shortcoming, served as a lesson for Elizabeth. From learning business economics to the importance of community, the entrepreneur knows growing and adapting are part of the business culture.

“The biggest successes happen virtually every week—when we land a big story for a client, when a client renews for subsequent years of services because he or she is happy with our work, when an employee feels on top of the world because we pull off an important press conference,” Elizabeth said.

Our Advice

Dreaming big and starting small isn’t an exact science, and neither is beginning your entrepreneurial journey. Both take time and patience and a fair amount of perseverance. Following a road map—finding a niche, leaning in and reflecting on lessons learned—has worked for ECPR for 20 years, and we hope it can work for you, too.

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