Q2 Digital Media Trends for 2015

It’s been a busy year so far for the digital media industry. From new platforms to updated algorithms, here are the top Q2 digital media trends for 2015:

-Google’s Updated Mobile Algorithm: Have you seen the phrase “Mobilegeddon” in your news feed lately? It’s the trending term for Google’s latest mobile algorithm update. In short, it’s now officially time to get a mobile version of your website. Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Feel free to tweet us and ask.

-Meerkat and Periscope: Both are mobile apps designed to capture and broadcast live video. Meerkat gained popularity at SXSW here in Austin, while Twitter acquired Periscope. Both are key players in the future of video marketing.

-Facebook Messenger and Video Chat: Facebook’s Messenger app now allows users to communicate via video, similar to Google Hangouts and Skype. Pay attention to how this affects this app’s popularity in the mobile-centric marketplace.

Have a question about the latest trends in digital and social media? Feel free to tweet us or comment on Facebook.

-Natalie Bidnick
Digital Strategist

Q2 Digital Media Trends 2015

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