Remember the Public in Public Relations

A significant portion of a public relations professional’s job revolves around securing positive media coverage. At ECPR, it remains a top focus. Another important part of public relations involves, to no one’s surprise – the public.

SouthWest Water Company is a prime example of a client eager to become more involved in the communities it serves. For instance, this month SouthWest Water Company sponsored a writing contest for seventh grade students in the Austin suburb of Pflugerville. Students submitted essays explaining the importance of water, and the winner (to be announced next week!) will receive a $500 Visa gift card.

SouthWest Water Company also recently launched a customer-based initiative called “Project Sunshine.” The program will provide ready-to-cook food baskets, with everything needed to prepare a festive holiday meal, to qualifying customers who would like to prepare an Easter meal this year, but may not be able to afford one.

As PR professionals, we always welcome positive media stories about our clients. We also do not underestimate the importance of public relations in its most fundamental form and the value of our clients giving back to their communities.

-Hannah White
Account Executive, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations

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