Rock SXSW with Video Content

With SXSW upon us, there is sure to be a push to update existing clients and network with potential connections by uploading real-time video footage of SXSW’s many interactive conferences and musical performances. Make sure your followers don’t miss out on the action by observing these general guidelines when distributing videos.

Make your mark on this year’s festivities and differentiate yourself by using these tips when sharing videos:

  • Create a custom-landing page. The benefit of doing so is an increased sense of brand control and user experience, as well as an opportunity to provide contact information and a call-to-action for the viewer.
  • Embed a thumbnail image of the individual video that can be instructed to play upon pushing the play button. This is more effective than simply embedding the video in the body of an email.
  • Make your marketing message less than 60 seconds, or you risk losing the viewer’s undivided attention.
  • Be mobile friendly, and deliver videos in HTML5 and Flash formats. Cater to the hundreds of millions of current mobile Internet users, and know your audience. Most SXSW attendees will be communicating on a smartphone or portable tablet.
  • In addition to tracking email click and open rates, track video plays and how many viewers watch the video entirely for a more accurate measurement of consumer intake.

Bottom Line: Make video content easy to access and control how the viewer experiences the brand in order to increase the overall impact of the message. 

-Claire Webster

Intern, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations


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