4 Reasons Why Your Company’s Social Media Campaign Isn’t Effective

“My social media marketing campaign isn’t working!”

That’s the top complaint I hear from brand leaders and decision makers.

And trust me, you’re not alone.

Despite designating time, money and resources, many businesses still don’t see true ROI from their social media efforts. In many cases, there are four key reasons to blame. Below are the top four reasons why your company’s social media campaign isn’t effective:

1. You’re not investing in social ads. In January 2015, AdWeek reported that 70 percent of marketers will spend more on social media advertising this year. This means that if you’re still refusing to “pay for play” in the digital space, you’re getting left behind.

Also, recent algorithm shifts on platforms such as Facebook favor posts from brands who invest in advertising. Social media ads are now a necessity—not luxury—for any success digital marketing campaign.

2. You’re not measuring analytics. How much web traffic (or potential leads) does each social media platform drive to your website on a monthly basis? If you have no idea, your social media campaigns are at risk.

Checking Google Analytics to see how each social media channel impacts traffic is a top way to determine the ROI of each site. For example, if you have 1,000 Facebook fans but only 20 clicks from Facebook each month, your posting strategy is not aligned with your audience.

And speaking of audience….

3.  You have no idea who makes up your social media fanbase. Facebook, among other channels, provides free insights on the gender, age and location of each page’s “fan.” I recommend administering an “audience audit” at least once per year to evaluate whether your post content matches your current community.

4.  You are active on too many platforms. When in doubt, focus on doing one or two channels well rather than being active on every single platform. Does Tumblr really make sense for your brand? Does Facebook? Give attention to the sites that drive traffic and produce engagement rather than channels that “look cool.” Your bottom line will thank you.

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-Natalie Bidnick
Digital Strategist

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