Top Trends That Will Affect PR in 2014

The public relations industry is constantly changing, and ECPR is right there with it as we navigate through the ever-evolving world of social, traditional and new media, as well as the increased use of digital marketing and video as forms of content sharing.

According to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) PRSAY Blog, the top trends that will impact the PR industry in 2014 all have to do with PR pros embracing change in the industry.

A few expected trends are:
• Content marketing will take center stage and PR agencies should embrace some of the sophisticated new algorithms and testing schemes that enhance the likelihood for capturing views, enhancing clicks and boosting share rates. PR practitioners who rely solely on the journalists to advance their clients’ communications interests may eventually be left behind.
• Companies must build stronger support systems that connect PR/Marketing/IT so that they may collaborate to provide a better experience for customers.
• ‘Big data’ will allow PR practitioners to create more individual experiences for stakeholders. Those who take advantage of these advanced tools will remain ahead of the curve when developing strategies that drive engagement with the public.
• Consumers may become overwhelmed with information and less trusting of the media as sources for content creation. PR professionals must lead the way by posting in a way that is transparent, truthful and accountable.

Bottom line: Embrace the change; don’t worry about the future of traditional media, but instead focus on the future of your profession and its increased use of technology and digital marketing.

ECPR is embracing these changes, and we are currently seeking a full-time videographer/editor and a digital strategist to join our team. Please follow the link below for qualifications and necessary information.


-Lia Pette
Account Executive, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations

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