The Power of Visual Storytelling in Public Relations

St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, an ECPR client, recently held a tornado lab where a portion of the hospital was transformed into a training space to give staff and other rescue personnel the opportunity to practice  a “Code Gray” (tornado) emergency.

For the training exercise, nearly 4,000 feet of space set to be renovated for an upcoming expansion was converted to simulate the look and feel of an actual tornado. After many hours of prep work, the end result made for great video and photo opportunities for the media.

In a perfect world, every educational, heartwarming and positive story would be picked up and used in a station’s newscast or publication. Unfortunately, there’s only so much airtime or column space available, making it harder to gain media coverage.

If a brand is not competing with breaking news, they could be competing with another story idea. Visuals such as unique video clips and photographs provide added elements that help the chances of media covering the story.

Overall, visual storytelling about the tornado lab, along with relevant and important information for personnel and patient safety, led to several Austin-area media outlets attending and covering the event.

It’s important to keep in mind that providing media engaging visuals to use in their stories and broadcasts improves the chances that the story will be shared with the public.

-Gabby Salinas
Account Associate, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations

St. David's Tornado Lab
An inside look at St. David’s Tornado Lab

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