We’re adapting. It’s how we connect.

This is undoubtedly a moment unlike we’ve ever seen. That said, we’ve weathered other big challenges alongside the Texas business community, and we will come through this together. While many urgent matters show up at your doorstep seemingly every hour, it’s important to take a broad view on the biggest picture of your communications, which are critical to the bottom-line issues like productivity, consumer confidence and leadership.

I’ve just returned from the trip of a lifetime to Africa with a group of dear friends. Planned long ago and embarked on before any of the preventative measures made their way to Austin, being a literal half a world away offered me a rare perspective. I’m approaching this public health emergency through the lens of communications with your workforce and customers, as well as the impact on the overall business environment. For all involved, trust is key.

Simply put: a crisis like this is a time to lead, follow or get out of the way. Your team and the communities where you do business need information and confidence now more than ever. Companies like yours are sending subtle and overt signals about how business will carry on. The key is that you get timely, accurate updates to people in a compelling way. If you are quiet or are trying to communicate as you normally would, you are not a beacon in these uncertain times.

Just as I’m encouraging you to communicate, my reflective time has inspired the launch of ECPR’s new #HowWeConnect campaign on social media. To help showcase the ways our clients and other Texas businesses are rising to the challenge, we’ll be sharing stories of how companies are making a difference and inviting the public to participate. Moment to moment and hour by hour, we’re inspired by your leadership and want others to learn of your efforts. We at ECPR are working diligently to wield the full force of our team’s capabilities toward your goals.

Like you, we’re adapting daily. What worked yesterday is not optimal today. This is very true for how we help you reach your stakeholders. Social distancing has meant in-person events are postponed or canceled. It also means that interviews are done virtually or outside and from a safe distance.

We’re innovating hourly with new ways to help you capture your message and deliver it to the public—either directly or through the media. We’re also retrofitting our monitoring tools for traditional and social media to ensure you’re up to speed on COVID-19 as it relates to your industry, your markets, your competitors and your brand.

Whatever this global pandemic may bring to our world and however long it lasts, ECPR will be there for you. We thank you for the honor of serving you, your workforce and your community.

Elizabeth Christian is the CEO of ECPR. 

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