We’ve been through a lot together.

By Elizabeth Christian, Chief Executive Officer of ECPR

We’ve been through a lot together. Good times and bad. Triumphs and tragedies. Bounty and sacrifice. As a 5th generation Austinite and the owner of Elizabeth Christian Public Relations since we opened our doors 25 years ago, I have seen a lot—and have been with many of you through good times and bad.

As the businesses that make Austin’s economy go through products, services and jobs that create our way of life, we’re all shaken up by this pandemic. Uncertainty has washed over the nation and our community. But while there hasn’t been a public health crisis like this in our lifetimes, we must take the long view—backward and forward—and see that our cities and our business community have endured and will continue to do so.

We know that our workers and our customers look to us for reassurance and even guidance in these times. They want to know we have their needs in mind and that we see a way forward.

Many of you reading this are leaders and communicators for your brand and sector. I want to advise you to pick up the torch of possibility and hold it high so that others may have hope. Because without confidence, opening the economy doesn’t do much.

You will accomplish that by listening before you speak, but then speaking with assuredness. Signal to your workforce and your community that you have resources and experiences that will make things easier—and ultimately better.

At ECPR, we’re using tools we used on day one as well as adapting in real time to serve. As is true with your business, digital mediums are powerful, and we find ourselves creating even more video to bring people together and give them hope. As a business community, our story is not defined only by boundless growth but also by sustainability and staying creative.

That story does not end here. We know because we’ve been through a lot together. And now we’re in this together.

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