What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story to tell. For a business, that story is key to connecting people to your brand. At ECPR, we understand that connecting people to your story is essential to helping your business reach the next level.

There are many ways to share a company’s story. For most of our clients, press releases and media interviews are the most obvious methods. However, there are also other creative means to share a message. Many times, taking a creative approach is not only more interesting and fun, it’s also more rewarding.

Developing creative ways to tell a brand’s story is a process. We begin this process by having clients define what their “win” looks like. Using that best-case scenario, we define their target audiences and key messages. We then consider what vehicles would be most appropriate to deliver those messages and achieve that win.

For example, a utility company can find it challenging to reach its customers. The company’s “win” might entail raising awareness about how important equipment upgrades will result in a temporary loss of service for some individuals. A good measurement of that “win” could be the number of angry customers who contact them during the disruption. For our utility clients, we have used a variety of creative approaches to share these types of messages, including tools such as expert articles, company newsletters, bill inserts and social media campaigns.

Other creative ways to tell your company’s story include distinguishing yourself from competitors by actively seeking recognition for your work, having one of your executives author an opinion editorial for your local newspaper or seeking opportunities for company leadership to participate in industry panel discussions or serve as a guest speaker at an industry conference. In some cases, we work with our clients to draft self-nominations for these opportunities. Other times, we might enlist assistance from a partner company for this effort.

Ultimately, the goal is to find ways to tell your company’s story in a compelling way and connect with your audience. At ECPR, we know that accomplishing this goal sometimes means thinking outside of the box. After all, not all stories have to be told with a press release.

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