Why a monthly report matters

One very important part of our job is keeping our clients in the loop about what is being done to spread their name, projects and values throughout the community. At ECPR, one of the most valuable tools we provide is a monthly report.

Providing a monthly report shows our client how we enhance their media relations, while also strengthening our relationship with them. Monthly reports vary from client to client based on what they consider valuable. 

Every report we provide contains  a list of media coverage. Some clients want to see media values attached to the list of all the coverage they received that month. A media value is a dollar amount based on the number of impressions or how many people saw the article or broadcast coverage. 


Client monthly report showing media values and coverage comparison for 2018 vs 2019 vs 2020.


Another component of a monthly report is digital insight. This allows us to provide an overview of what is being said about the client on one or multiple social media platforms. Digital insight can also provide ideas about new ways to increase awareness or engagement on social media, whether that’s through videos, hashtags or tweets. We are also able to show the client what is being said about competitors or what work they are putting out on their social media platforms. 

The last valuable component of monthly reports is a list of action items that have been worked on for the client, or account management. This could mean anything from coordinating media interviews to researching topics for thought leadership. 

Account management items also show the client what has been completed or what is being worked on—the amount of detail included can vary. This provides the client with insight about our next steps and if anything is needed from them to move a project forward. 

As I mentioned, monthly reports differ from client to client, depending on what is beneficial for them. ECPR provides these reports to show the hard work we put in for their company or organization. 

Monthly reports build our relationship with the client, showing them that we will do everything we can to spread the word about their company to the media and community.

Emma DeNard is an account associate at ECPR.

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