Windermere Utility Company Announces $3.4 Million Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Plant

During my first year at ECPR, I’ve had the pleasure of learning many different types of industries that are critical in our community – education, energy, healthcare, legal services, and the list goes on. One area that I’ve grown particularly fond of is water, one of our most important resources.

Last week, ECPR helped coordinate the announcement of Windermere Utility Company’s $3.4 million expansion of the Forest Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at the Star Ranch Development in Hutto, Texas. The expansion nearly doubled the size of the facility and will ensure reliable wastewater services for an additional 1,750 homes in Star Ranch and in the Windermere community in Pflugerville.

Windermere Utility Company, Inc., is a subsidiary of SouthWest Water Company, which owns water and wastewater utilities across Texas.

Prior to the expansion, the plant treated 500,000 gallons per day, which was adequate for up to 1,785 homes. With the expansion, the plant can now treat 990,000 gallons per day, serving up to 3,535 homes. As Central Texas continues to grow, expanding wastewater and water treatment services will be crucial for the community.

Forest Creek Wastewater Treatment Plan
Forest Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant


Pflugerville Pflag, September 21, 2015

Before this announcement, I had never seen a wastewater treatment plant. I assumed all water treatment plants were the same and treated water for human consumption only. Learning about the key differences in how wastewater is treated verses water, as well as the importance of wastewater treatment to our environment, has made me think twice about how I use my water.

Working in PR requires the ability to become an expert quickly in the industries your client serves. This is important to accurately and effectively tell your client’s story. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about industries that directly affect me, and in turn, this has made me a more informed citizen.

Interested in learning more about water? Visit SouthWest Water Company’s Water 101 page:

– Kat Harris, Senior Account Executive

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