Winning means sharing your insights, not just your announcements, with journalists

Our clients entrust us daily with sharing their stories broadly across audiences, including their local communities and key stakeholders. They also look to us to advise on how best to position their brand as leaders in their communities and experts in their fields—in support of business wins. The key to doing this is gaining local trust and setting clients apart in flooded marketplaces by using all available resources to tell client stories.

Perhaps the most crucial part of our jobs is familiarizing ourselves with our clients’ missions, target audiences and areas of expertise so that we may accomplish just that.

There are several different ways in which we do this. One is well understood: creating news pitches and announcements to get our clients’ unique stories out to the public. But the other is just as important and often overlooked: monitoring news trends, reports and studies to insert our clients into larger conversations where they can provide meaningful insight.

This monitoring and pitching insights strategy we’ve found helpful in creating brand recognition and positioning clients as experts in their communities presents our experts, when applicable, to comment and provide insight on hot topics being discussed. Each time there is a larger conversation happening that they can add to, we work quickly to get our experts in front of it. To do this, we first need to be aware of what’s going on not only in our clients’ local communities, but across the country as well.

We want our clients to be as informed as possible when it comes to the latest news topics so that we in turn can be as effective as possible when sending out news stories and announcements on behalf of our clients.

If there’s a big breaking national news story happening, local media will want to hone in on that breaking story and give their audiences the need-to-know information about what’s going on and how it might affect the local audience.

That’s where we come in.

Our ECPR account teams constantly monitor the news–both locally and nationally–to identify trends and hot topics and flagging ways in which we can tie these topics to the stories our clients are working to tell. Our clients have a plethora of knowledge and information ready to go at any given moment, so we watch what’s happening in the news and work to insert our experts into the appropriate conversations. By staying on top of breaking news, we can get our clients out in front of these big conversations, position them as local leaders, and offer their expertise and knowledge on a more localized scale.

Kelsey Stevens is a senior account executive at ECPR

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