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Downtown Austin Alliance


The Downtown Austin Alliance works with key downtown stakeholders—property owners, residents, business owners, community organizations and government officials—to advance their collective vision for the future of downtown Austin. The Downtown Alliance is engaged in dozens of projects and issues that contribute to the safety, cleanliness and appeal of downtown Austin to residents, employees and visitors. As a full-time advocate for downtown, the Downtown Austin Alliance is actively engaged in planning decisions that impact the overall downtown area, which forms the heart of the city. The organization also advances downtown’s vision through direct services supporting safety and cleanliness.


Each year, ECPR Texas works in close partnership with the Downtown Austin Alliance on a number of initiatives. Most recently, we helped spread the story of Republic Square, a newly revitalized public space in downtown Austin that the Alliance manages. Other key programs include media outreach and coordination for promoting the vision for downtown, “Our Austin Stories” (detailing the history of parks in downtown Austin), a parking strategy initiative geared to improving parking challenges, Austin’s innovation district, as well as enhancements for Congress Avenue.

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