Summer Internship Insights: Learning PR Basics

Prior to joining Elizabeth Christian Public Relations, I spent the last year interning for different nonprofits. While I learned so much from these organizations, I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone and try something new in the PR industry. This summer is my first time working at a PR firm, and I’ve already learned so much. Here are some fundamental PR practices that I’ve picked up on since I started a few weeks ago:

1. Lists are the best tools

Creating long lists on Excel can seem like a mundane task, but these lists are so important. Whether it’s a media list or a media tracker, lists help keep your work organized and easy to find.

2. Media relationships are essential

During my second week at ECPR, I helped check in reporters at a client press conference. This is when I saw the importance of creating relationships with the media. PR professionals must provide them with the information needed to create a story that will appeal to the general public and gain positive coverage.

3. Research sparks creativity

Research seems like the last thing needed, when starting out in the communications world. I’ve learned research is where client stories really begin. I’ve researched new angles and media outlets to help create new pitches and gain coverage for our clients.

4. PR interns (and professionals) never stop learning

For interns, it’s common to ask several questions and get clarification on assignments. This is how an intern learns and produces the best work possible. But learning doesn’t stop when you’re done being an intern. No matter your position or how long you’ve worked with a company, you’ll still ask questions and keep learning.

-Nikki Dulay
Summer 2015 Intern

Summer PR Internship

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