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When longtime client TIBH Industries approached us about being its partner in renaming and rebranding, we knew we had a robust and noble challenge. TIBH is the statewide organization that has created jobs for people with disabilities since 1978, and, in those four decades, TIBH has built a solid reputation among businesses, workers and state contacts. Completely reimagining its identity was daunting.

When considering the merits of investing in renaming and rebranding, it’s important to set aside sentimentality in favor of pragmatism and ask some questions: “Does our name and identity clearly reflect the mission?” and “Is our brand helping our workforce, clients and referral sources connect with our mission and further our business goals?”

TIBH did not feel that its old brand was answering those questions satisfactorily. So, working with them closely, the ECPR team and TIBH came up with the right answer: WorkQuest.

It’s a name that met the criteria of being descriptive, positive, available and distinctive. The new name had to be something powerful that everyone — workers, staff, business clients, board members, referral sources and state officials could embrace:

“In recognition of our 40th anniversary, we are excited to announce that TIBH Industries, Inc., is now WorkQuest, a name we feel embodies our mission to serve Texans with disabilities. On this journey, we’ve forged a pathway, connecting people with meaningful employment opportunities, improving their quality of life and moving business forward in a profoundly meaningful way. Together, we have dared to imagine something bigger than ourselves. While our name has changed, our commitment to our mission—and to each of you—remains constant. Together, we are WorkQuest!” Fred Weber, President of WorkQuest

For TIBH, the old name had become an obstacle. The acronym stood for terms they industry no longer used, hence making it difficult to explain. But the history of TIBH is one of success and amazing growth. So, as with any branding or rebranding, we started by studying that history and by looking at future growth. We assessed the perception of stakeholders and the competitive landscape in which its identity will exist going forward.

Throughout the process, we maintained a presentation and feedback structure for the open exchange of ideas by the TIBH team, as well as the flexibility to adapt as we tested assumptions, encountered dead ends and examined implications of the rebrand. We treat branding as a partnership with our clients.

To refresh or re-imagine a brand for your company, remember that it must not only explain what you do but even more importantly, it needs to communicate why.

The ultimate brand and name solution — paired with “The right solution” tagline — give the organization a singular and compelling identity to thrive well into the future. WorkQuest encapsulates not only the workforce solution that companies seek and those living with disabilities offer, it suggests a higher purpose to rally around its mission.

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