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Connect with community leaders, business leaders and our staff in a whole new way.

Music is one of the original forms of storytelling

ECPR Texas x Connectors is a playlist series on Spotify where Texas business leaders, dignitaries, community advocates and our staff amplify their stories through curated playlists.

At ECPR Texas, our mission is to connect the work of our clients with the community and leaders in those communities to showcase the difference they are making in Texas together.

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Listen and Connect

“The spectrum of musical tastes is as diverse as the human experience itself, and my own preferences serve as a testament to this vast array of sonic landscapes. Spanning across decades and genres, my musical choices reflect a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of musical expression.” Jeanette Ward, CPCU, President & CEO of Texas Mutual Insurance Company

“My taste in music is as eclectic as the events that make up the story of my life. As a military child, I was curious and open to new experiences.I learned to quickly adapt to new surroundings, and I often tie significant life events to songs I heard during that time. Each of the following songs are special to me and ones that I hope if you haven’t already heard, you enjoy it as much as I do.” – Dr. Emily Williams Knight, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Texas Restaurant Association.

“The spectrum of musical tastes is as diverse as the human experience itself, and my own preferences serve as a testament to this vast array of sonic landscapes. Spanning across decades and genres, my musical choices reflect a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of musical expression.” Tina Cannon, CEO and Founder of PIX Sports Gear

“My music preferences span across multiple genres, not limited to any one in particular. Lately, I’ve been leaning into classical music for its calming effects on high-pressure days. However, this playlist showcases my love for joyful, upbeat music that also serves to soothe the nervous system. These songs consistently make me happy and keep my energy up, whether during intensive writing for Mentorship Unlocked when I needed an uplift, getting ready for a speaking engagement, or just preparing for an evening out with friends. Thank you for taking the time to listen! Sharing this powerful form of communication with you is truly a gift.“ – Janice Omadeke, Author, Mentorship Unlocked: The Science and Art of Setting Yourself Up for Success

“When Liz and I moved to Austin back in 1981, we would hear from people that say “Oh, you’ll never want to leave.” One of things that made Austin so special for us was the live music that was happening around town where I heard bands for the first time like Beto y Los Fairlanes. We also could be found at iconic venues like Antone’s, Snavely’s, and other joints around town. And once I got into office, I had the honor of meeting some young, up-and-coming talent who are making their mark on the world. This playlist is curated with that in mind and the artists that have come through the Live Music Capital of the World (plus some stuff that’s just good music).” Kirk Watson, Mayor of Austin.

“I love building soundtracks to fit my mood and big life moments. All of these songs are on one of our family playlists that we listen to regularly. They take me back to a place and time—driving down the beach in Cinnamon Shore, having a baby, dancing around the house with my older daughter, and times when I really needed music therapy. They elicit a smile and emotions and always allow me to flex my karaoke skills.” – Levente McCrary, Executive Vice President at ECPR Texas

“From tunes that pump me up, to songs that chill me out – this playlist is a soundtrack of my life. Born and raised in South Austin, many of these songs accompanied me to San Marcos, up to Lubbock and back home again after college. And when I’m ready to bring it – it always goes back to my Latino roots.” – Matias Segura, Superintendent of Austin Independent School District

“I selected these songs not because they have a particular message or meaning, but because they’re associated with memories and people spanning my life. ” – Mason Ayer, Chief Executive Officer of Kerbey Lane All Day Cafe

“I love music of all kinds – it doesn’t matter the genre. Every memory I have is somehow connected to music. Some songs bring back memories that make me laugh really hard (including some very embarrassing moments), and other songs stir up memories that bring tears. But the common theme of all of them is music. My kids once told me that my life was like a musical because I had a song for everything – and I probably do because music has been a big part of our life – from family gatherings and celebrations to comfort, healing and strength during some really hard times. But all in all, music is what has lifted us up. Because let’s face it, whether it’s a spontaneous dance party in your kitchen, while hanging out with your sister, or on the back porch of a remote cabin, or it’s just some impromptu karaoke, a few good songs can make anyone smile! I have a lot of playlists, with a little bit of everything. These are some of my all-time favorites!” Denise Bradley, Vice President, Marketing & Community Affairs at St. David’s HealthCare

“One of the great things about growing up in Austin was being introduced to so many amazing bands. It was a formative part of my love for this city, starting with a 1987 Killer Bees show at Liberty Lunch, a legendary live music venue on 2nd St. I was only 14 and probably shouldn’t have been there, but I hung out at the fence with my friend, and we were amazed at the energy that emanated from the crowd. So this playlist is a tip of the hat to some of my favorite songs to emerge from Austin. It’s eclectic and includes reggae, jazz, blues and rock. It reflects our community which has so much talent in so many different sectors.” – Ed Latson, Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Austin

“From a girl in the southside of San Antonio to a care-free college student- to a dedicated wife & mother, this playlist offers a glimpse of me at so many different stages in life. I am appreciative of the many opportunities, experiences and the love of family and friends which have shaped me into who I am today.” – Jackie Q. Sekiguchi, Community Affairs Manager at Texas Mutal Insurance

“This playlist reflects who I am today along with some of how I got here. That includes things I love to do with my family, my love for Austin FC and all the friends I’ve made through the soccer community, this city that has given me so much opportunity and a few songs that get me going almost any time of day and no matter how I’m feeling. When I’m having a bad day or feeling stressed out, I’ll turn these up in the car and my attitude will completely change.” – Jeremiah Bentley, Vice President, Marketing & Community Affairs at Texas Mutal Insurance

“My playlist says that I am fiercely proud of being a strong, independent woman at a season in my life where I am also pensive, melancholy and romantic. As Walt Whitman said, I contain multitudes.” – Tamara Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of Workforce Solutions Capital Area

“This playlist represents my life as a public servant and first responder, reflecting the highs and lows of a 25-year career, experiences of loss and striking resilience, and honoring my Mexican heritage passed down by my mom and great grandmother, my love for my wife and family, always with a focus on optimism & never giving up.” – Nick Perkins, Fire Chief for Travis County ESD No. 2

“A few of these songs represent firsts – first record, concert, Broadway musical and first time owning a company. Most of them bring back memories of singing, dancing and being with my favorite people, from my grandparents to my brother, best friends, my kids and my fiancé. Music has been a part of many of the happiest moments of my life, and I’m sure it will be for many more.“
– Kristin Marcum, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of ECPR Texas

“This playlist is a sopita from my grandmother’s kitchen, a hug from my mother, and my hopes for my children and their generation. It’s dedicated to the team at Todos Juntos, which is shaping the future of our comunidad, and to the families of Todos Juntos who dream of a brighter future.” – Christina Collazo, Founder & Executive Director of Todos Juntos

“This playlist is a dedication to my community, to queer people, and an ode to being unapologetically yourself in every space! From soulful old school vibes to unique Selena vibras to HTown Baddie energy, as you listen to this playlist, I hope you find inspiration to explore your soul expression and step into the wholeness of who you are.” – Judge Denise Hernández, Travis County Court at Law #6

“This playlist isn’t just music; it’s my life’s journey. Each note and lyric connects me to my past, present, and future, echoing the values instilled by my family and the deep roots shaping my identity. With every play, I honor my heritage, keeping the flame of my Austin story alive to inspire future generations.” – John Mathew “JMAT” Bernal, Director of Digital Media at ECPR Texas

“This playlist highlights my core beliefs while paying homage to my roots and heritage. For these ten songs, I wanted to prioritize community, girl power, justice, latinidad, and Austin. From country, to cumbias, to hip-hop, this playlist tells my story.” – Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes, City of Austin Prescient #2

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