The Texas Library Association is the largest state library association in the country representing over 5,000 librarians with a mission to unite and amplify the voices of the library community through advocacy, education and intentional equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Problem:

When some politicians across Texas began calling for “investigations into books,” which appeared to be more about getting votes for the upcoming election, TLA knew it had to act fast.

How We Helped:

TLA hired ECPR Texas in January and our solution was to form a grassroots coalition called Texans for the Right to Read and execute a public information campaign in opposition to the current push by Texas’ elected officials to ban books from Texas libraries. The goal of this coalition was to bring enough awareness to the issue that should it end up in the 88th Texas legislative session, there would be a great amount of public pushback.  

Texans for the Right to Read currently has over 2,500 active participants, a collective of over 2,500 social media followers and 5,000 Texas librarians who help actively support these efforts through TLA. When a book or a librarian is wrongfully targeted, ECPR activates various parts of the coalition based on zip code to write to elected officials and speak out in their community.


Additionally, since our official start with TLA in January 2022, ECPR has garnered more than 300 earned media placements, including in national outlets–ranging from the Washington Post, to the 19th, PBS Newshour and the New York Times–that span across markets in 16 U.S. states with a total audience of 206.9 million and a total earned media value of more than $2.7 million.

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