Public Relations Horror Stories

Public relations professionals don’t scare easily. We handle tight deadlines and breaking news as part of our daily routine. However, there are a few things that keep even the most experienced PR practitioners up at night.

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve gathered some PR horror stories from around the industry:

  • Industry leaders and tweets “gone wild.” A few years ago a major retail chain’s CEO tweeted out controversial remarks prior to a live press event. Their PR team had to play damage control for weeks afterwards.
  • Public shaming over spelling mistakes. One ECPR staffer read about a PR professional who regularly pitched family and lifestyle bloggers. After building a relationship with a major influencer, the practitioner discovered they had spelled the blogger’s name wrong in an email…after the blogger tweeted out the mistake.
  • Live events and miscommunication. Another ECPR staffer read a story about a public figure who was scheduled to give on-camera remarks. The problem? The speaker didn’t know they were expected to speak.

Give us a haunted house or zombie apocalypse any day. In our industry, the true horror stories are much scarier.

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Happy Halloween!

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