Social togetherness: Four ways to put your social media to work

In a time of rapid change and uncertainty, people gather information any way they can. And, in an era when social media rules, your customers turn to your digital channels for answers as well. Consider what they will find valuable—facts, guidance and connection—and keep that in mind for your online engagement strategy.

Here are four ways to maintain strong communication and remain connected to your customers digitally:

1. Become a valuable resource

Publish helpful information and provide relevant resources across your channels while keeping your audience’s perspective in mind. Publish updates that affect your customers directly and maintain a positive tone. H-E-B is a great example of a business that recognizes its customer needs and uses its Twitter and Facebook channels to provide support and assistance through positive messaging.

2. Embrace live streaming

Facebook and Instagram’s live video streaming features allow followers to view and engage in real time by commenting and asking questions directly. Instagram allows users to make live broadcasts alone or with a guest. Local magazine Austin Woman uses the live streaming feature to interview experts with helpful information for its viewers.

3. Start the conversation

Build connections by offering your audience options to engage. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer the capabilities to ask a question, issue a challenge or present a poll. Stay relevant to current events and, when possible, share practical expert advice that relates to your audience.

4. Customer service really is king

As our SVP David Wyatt says, “Your brand is as your brand does.” Delivering a strong customer service experience by responding promptly to requests reassures your customers that they are your top priority, thus strengthening their trust in your business and your brand. H-E-B’s responsiveness during a crisis is a reflection of both the company’s dedication to its customers and, according to Business Wire’s annual survey, its reputation as the No. 1 grocery store in the nation.

As it becomes more challenging to decipher the glut of information about COVID-19, staying in touch with your audience through digital channels is more important than ever. Remember to engage with a compassionate and optimistic tone, provide helpful and practical resources, and always keep the perspective of your audience at the heart of it all.

Service. Community. Teamwork. Accuracy. Problem solving. Staying Connected. These are what motivate and unite us every day. ECPR has launched a social media campaign called #HowWeConnect to spotlight unifying gestures, as well as businesses and workers who help keep teams and customers connected while pushing the economy forward. Join in!

Angelica Maldonado is the digital coordinator at ECPR.

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