You Aren’t Always Your Best Messenger

When someone feels they are the expert on a subject, it makes sense that they should be the spokesperson on that same topic. You know your company’s story and expertise better than anyone. But does that mean that you should always be the one telling your story?

Believe it or not, the answer isn’t always yes.

At ECPR, we work with clients to define their company’s story and target audiences. But another element of communication strategy is determining the best messenger to tell that story.

As an example, ECPR is proud to work with Precourt Sports Ventures/MLS2ATX on its successful effort to bring Major League Soccer to Austin. An important part of the campaign has been highlighting the community benefits of bringing a team to the city, including opportunities for youth development, business infrastructure and recreation. Sometimes, members of the community, including youth soccer leagues, soccer fans, local businesses and chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations and community leaders were among the best messengers for this story. As a result, we worked with these groups to share community benefits information through media interviews, op-eds, videos on social media and testimony in front of Austin City Council. Having others as the “voice” to tell this part of the story didn’t just make a bigger impact, it also reached new audiences and brought them into the conversation.

[youtube-embed id=2LtywuwtQ5U]

So, how you can determine who’s the best messenger to tell your story?

Credibility is key. The person delivering a message can be just as important as the message being delivered. If individuals don’t trust that spokesperson or an individual doesn’t speak with  authority on a topic, their message won’t resonate with the audience. Some examples to ponder: If you’re discussing women’s rights, should your messenger be a man? If you’re discussing how a program will benefit children, should your messenger be an adult?

At ECPR, we work with our clients to identify their message, their audiences AND the best messenger to relay the message. Sometimes that means someone else should tell a certain aspect of your brand’s story. When that’s the case, we work with our clients to identify those individuals, form strong and trusting relationships with them and make sure their voices are heard.

So, next time you think that an aspect of your brand’s story isn’t making the impact you want, consider that a different messenger might be the solution. If you’re not sure, contact us. We can help.

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