2019 New Year’s Resolution: Win

As 2018 winds down, it’s natural to reflect on what worked this past year and where a shift in approach might have produced different outcomes. New Year’s resolutions often follow, as individuals commonly make commitments to improve on exercise and nutrition, increase family time or devote more energy towards a hobby. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, such resolutions can revolve around strategic business objectives.

Logically, if your vision for 2019 is big, you’ll need an expert to achieve your goal. The data is clear on expertise: it takes practice, various perspectives and methodological approaches. In other words, you’re not likely to win with a piecemeal team or by winging it.

Think expertise sounds expensive? Try the alternative. All kidding aside, our client partners have consistently reported to us that the public relations line item in their annual budget is less of an expense and more an investment. Just work through this Client Partner Resolution Checklist:

  • I want to get more customers, donors and referrals.
  • My company needs a greater emphasis on recruiting and retention.
  • This is the year we’re looking to sell, be acquired or take on investors.
  • Recognition of our brand, our products/services and perceived trustworthiness needs to transform.
  • I am launching or re-launching something that requires community buy-in and support at City Hall and/or the State Capitol.
  • We need to stay competitive on social media and with video.

These are all excellent goals that speak to operational pillars critical to your bottom line. The great news is that all of these can be managed in partnership with a leading public relations agency like Elizabeth Christian Public Relations. We are known for our drive, our detail-oriented style and our devotion to win on behalf of our clients.

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