MLS2ATX to Austin FC a winning campaign

“If you’re not on the pitch, you’re on the bench.” It’s an adaptation of a favorite phrase about being at the table or on the menu. Founding and running ECPR Texas has shown this to be true for clients time and again. This was definitely the case for what it took for one of our most high-profile campaigns: when we helped bring Major League Soccer to Austin. 

Long before Austin FC became a reality—much less a western conference finalist—and before season tickets sold out in record time, having a Major League Soccer club in Austin was just a dream. It took years of strategy, planning, communications and community collaboration, and ECPR Texas was honored to be a part of the bigger team that helped make our city’s first major league franchise a reality. Here’s how we did it.

“April 17, 2021, was a day many in the Austin community had been waiting on for years. It’s a day I knew would happen and thought would never happen at the same time. For the team at ECPR Texas, the MLS2ATX journey started with a meeting with a potential new client almost four years ago to the day.”

Kristin Marcum, CEO and owner of ECPR Texas.

11 moments when PR helped bring Austin FC to ATX

“It’s incredible to look back and see how our local campaign to bring Major League Soccer to Austin grew into the city’s first full-fledged major league sports team, and one complete with pyrotechnics, famous celebrity owners and all the fanfare that accompanies pro sports. Watching MLS2ATX grow into Austin FC will always be a highlight of my career. I’m honored to have contributed to what I know will be a staple in Austin for years to come. Taking a look back, here are my top 11 moments.”

Relive the top 11 moments with photos as remembered by ECPR Texas Vice President, Lia Triutt

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