Tips and Tweets: How to Write for Social Media Platforms in 2023


Social media content plays a crucial role for businesses and organizations aiming to communicate with their current audiences and interact with potential new followers. Across different platforms, individuals may engage in networking opportunities, read up on current events or share photos and videos to connect with others. Each social media platform provides unique opportunities for building brand awareness and measuring social media effectiveness. 

Some of our best tips for creating content: 

  1. Understand your audience (the who and why). You want your copy to speak directly to the reader and sound less like a broadcast to a wider audience. 
  2. Conduct a keyword search before you start drafting copy. You’ll want to make sure the words you choose are going to reach your target audience.
  3. Hashtags improve discoverability and highlight common themes of what your message conveys. Don’t use too many, as this may decrease your engagement and affect your post’s reach. 
  4. Choose compelling visuals. Compared to standard blogs and online articles, photos and videos can help you increase page views, likes and comments.
  5. Remember to always include a call to action. The goal of every message on social media should be to compel or influence your audience to do something. 


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